In this section of the website you will find the information you need on the wide range of commercial and non-commercial services that Enniskerry has to offer. As you will discover, Enniskerry is incredibly well resourced and has services to meet every budget and none!

To make it a little easier to find what you’re looking for we’ve categorised Enniskerry’s services into sub-sections. Click on any of the names to find out more!

Accommodation ranges from 5 star hotels to charming guesthouses, and everything in-between.

Civic Services
In this section you will find details of libriaries, policing services (Garda), etc.

Dining & drinking options range from international celebrity chefs to real home baking, and much more.

Information on Enniskerry’s excellent schools and pre-schools.

Health & Beauty
A wide range of health, medical and beauty services.

Beautiful gardens and world-class sporting locations.

Information on religious services of various denominations.

Enniskerry has a wide range of excellent shops and boutiques.

Local Services
Information on domestic and commercial services in the Enniskerry area.