Enniskerry Forum was established in 2008 to represent the interests of the community of Enniskerry. The Forum is inclusive, non-policital, non-religious and is open to all in the community. One of the Forum’s key aims is to provide a formal channel for the exchange of views and information between the Enniskerry community and Wicklow County Council. The Forum has a formal constitution and its mission is:

To represent and promote the best interests of the majority of the Community of Enniskerry. The Forum has an overriding long-term objective of enhancing and optimising all aspects of the Community environment in Enniskerry.

The Forum’s membership includes most of the sporting and social clubs and organisations in Enniskerry, as well as many residents associations, church communities and businesses. The Forum’s current committee is: Stephen Byrne, Barry McDevitt, Kieran Conlon, Lara Miller, Niall Glynn, Noel Corcoran, Pat Nolan, Charlotte Windsor, Marie Power, Gill Toal, Rose Mary Craig, David Quinn, Eddie Swaine, Trish Ward and Ken Macken. New committee members are always welcome – if you would be interested in joining us please email enniskerryforum@gmail.com.