Schoolhouse for ArtSfA logo colourSince 1818 a small Schoolhouse nestled under the gaze of the clock tower in the heart of the picturesque village of Enniskerry in Ireland’s ‘garden county’ Wicklow. This was a school for children, a house of learning where young minds explored, examined and recited the rhymes and reasons of the unfolding world. For almost two centuries its solid walls absorbed the chants and childish chatter of thousands of young voices.

In 2011, the children marched up to the top of the hill to their perfect new school.  The old schoolhouse fell silent for two years and quietly waited while its guardians debated and deliberated over the commercial and the common good…

…the ‘Schoolhouse for Art’ was deemed to be a fitting substitute.

The ‘Schoolhouse for Art’ is in essence a facility for the study and exploration of arts and crafts. Located in ‘the old schoolhouse’ in the heart of Enniskerry village it is an exhibition space and a meeting place where images and ideas mingle. It caters for all ages and all abilities. The former school playground is a natural arena facing the clock tower, a three-dimensional canvas to display an evolving gallery of large pieces of sculpture. The ‘Schoolhouse for Art’ is also a host to visiting artists from across the globe who want to paint the surrounding inspiring countryside and experience the unparalleled Irish hospitality.

Welcome to the Schoolhouse for Art – welcome to Enniskerry.

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