The Shaking Bog – Where Art & Nature Meet

The Shaking Bog is a not-for-profit community organisation established in the Glencree Valley, County Wicklow in 2019. Our core intention is to promote a deeper awareness of the natural world through creative engagement, thereby ushering people towards a greater sense of stewardship and protection of that which is most precious.

A sense of place and community sits at the heart of The Shaking Bog as it seeks to partner and collaborate with people and organisations that share its interest in preserving and celebrating the many rare and valuable features of the local landscape.

The Shaking Bog has presented two world-class festivals and 8 episodes of a podcast that has thousands of listeners across Ireland, the UK and overseas. Aside from its forthcoming podcasts, there are plans afoot for more live events in the Glencree Valley later this year and we are hoping to present an ongoing programme of commissions, events, collaborations, nature trails and more across the seasons.

For further information please visit our website: