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Local Area Plan (LAP)

2016-2022 LAP

July 2015:
Wicklow County Council is well advanced in its preparation of a new County Development Plan for the 2016-2022 period. Details are available by clicking here.

If you would like to read some Enniskerry related extracts from the Chief Executive’s report on the Pre-Draft Submissions to the new plan please click here: CAP Chief Executive Report (Enniskerry Highlights).

2009-2015 LAP

The main plan covering zoning and development in and around Enniskerry is the 2009 – 2016 Enniskerry Local Area Plan. Details of this plan are available here.

In April 2014 the Wicklow County Council announced the extension of the current Enniskerry Local Development Plan (LAP) until 2016. The building targets in the LAP have not been met nor has the projected increase in population been reached. The next plan for Enniskerry will be incorporated in the plan for County Wicklow. During 2015 the Council will prepare a draft “town plan” for Enniskerry which will form part of the County Development Plan 2016-2022 (instead of a new Enniskerry LAP).

Action Areas in Enniskerry
The LAP goes into some detail on the 4 designated Action Areas (AA’s) in Enniskerry which are areas zoned for development in accordance with Action Area Plan criteria.

The 4 Action Areas are:

AA1. West of Enniskerrry town centre immediately north of Kilgarron housing development (Parknasilloge townland). C 16.25 ha. (residential, open space, employment and community zone). Max 210 residential units.
NOTE:  Bluestone Properties, the developers of this area, have advised the Council that they have appointed a team who are currently preparing a comprehensive master plan for theses lands.

AA2. North side of the settlement (Monastery townland). C 5.7 ha.  Max 12 residential units.

AA3. On R117 immediately east of Enniskerry Bridge between road and river 0.4 ha, with 0.13 ha commercial land (Crimmins Garage), 0.22 ha undeveloped open space and 0.66 ha in community usage.

AA4. South of town centre (Cookstown townland) c 9.3 ha (max 2.15 ha may be developed for housing at a max density of 20/ha).  A min of 0.4 ha for voluntary/sheltered housing. Remainder shall be retained in agricultural use for possible future development purposes. Maximum views of Sugarloaf to be maintained from Cookstown Road.