Enniskerry SEC is a voluntary group established for the purpose of achieving increased energy efficiency and renewable energy take up amongst the local community in Enniskerry. The SEC is closely aligned with Enniskerry Tidy Towns and the Wicklow Green Party and draws on their significant community involvement. Our community is primarily a small village with residential areas and rural houses with mainly older buildings alongside three hotels (Powerscourt, Summerhill House and Powerscourt Arms) alongside 29 farms. There is also a significant number of old (100 year +) residential buildings in the area. The area is currently undergoing some expansion in terms of new buildings which is increasing population and resource demands.

Our focus is on increasing community sustainability within this context of upgrading the old and incorporating the new. We will achieve our vision by:

  • Educating the community on energy conservation and encouraging behavioural change which results in financial and energy/emission savings.
  • Engaging with the community to identify pilot exemplar projects. As there are three to four housing estates with similar house types in the community, we want to provide accessible exemplar upgrades of each housing estate house type. A suitably selected project proving the concept will create real impact in the community by showcasing innovative energy solutions and the way to achieve them.
  • Raising awareness and empowerment within the community on energy conservation by leveraging aspects of the pilot project
  • Examining the use of hydro power and if it is suitable for use in Enniskerry.
  • Working with our farming families to increase awareness and assist where appropriate.
  • Moving toward energy generation and zero energy targets for the Community
  • We will work together with existing community groups where possible Enniskerry Tidy Towns and the housing estate residents’ associations to advance the vision and goals of the Enniskerry SEC either directly or indirectly