Simple and effective ways to prevent theft from cars

On arrival at a location be conscious that criminals may be watching you, watching to see what valuables your put in the boot or where you hide the handbag, waiting to strike as you leave the car to go for your walk.

– Remove as many valuables as possible from the car prior to departure.

– Keeping a tidy car, that looks as if there is absolutely nothing of value in it to steal, may discourage a thief.

– On leaving your car remove the satnav system and its cradle, wiping and cleaning the sucker marks from the windscreen. A sucker mark or an empty cradle may enlighten a thief to the fact that you may have hidden the satnav somewhere in the car.

– Keep the contents of your car out of sight when you leave it.

– Don’t forget to lock and secure your car.

Think safe – Be safe!