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At a packed meeting in the Powerscourt Arms on 22nd March, the Enniskerry Forum presented details of the suggestions and recommendations received from the Enniskerry community for improving traffic management and safety in Enniskerry. Each recommendation was put to a vote and the vast majority received overwhelming support. The Enniskerry Forum will now begin the process of engagement with Wicklow County Council on these matters. The following is a summary of each the issues voted on:

1Improved Speed ControlCarried
2Remove / review / upgrade traffic lightsCarried
3Improve junction at Kilgarran Hill / Forge RoadCarried
4Review pedestrian crossing optionsCarried
5Improve traffic management at schools including new location for St PatricksCarried
6Improve junction markingsCarried
7Review loading and unloading options with tradersCarried
8Undertake initiatives to improve cyclists road behaviourCarried
9Better management of parking on Kilgarran HillCarried
10Restrict heavy goods vehicles through village – matter was deferred since the motion does not account for any impact on livelihoods of local residentsDeferred
11Improve road surfaces and footpathsCarried
12Improve junction at Church Hill / Forge RoadCarried
13Request WCC to undertake technical review of traffic flow including possible 1-way systemCarried
14Relocate bus terminus from centre of villageCarried
15Request re-opening of car park at Knocksink at weekendsCarried
16Improve and upgrade signage throughout the villageCarried
17Introduce 2 hour parking restrictions in village centreCarried
18Introduce paid parking in village centreRejected
19Increase long term parking facilities at Bog meadow and possibly other locationsCarried
20Improve enforcement especially parking at bus stopsCarried
21Request WCC to address issues re junction at Powerscourt and Cookstown RoadCarried
22Review introduction of parking restrictions for any road where parking on both sides restricts safe 2-way traffic flow (e.g. Church Hill)Carried
23Ask WCC to review and improve walking facilities in Bog MeadowNot voted but added to list
24Ask WCC to regularly cut hedgerows e.g. Cookstown RoadNot voted but added to list

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